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Healthy Meal and Snack Options for School Kids

School kids require a steady supply of nutrition to remain active throughout the day. What they need is not just food that can sustain them throughout the day; the food eaten throughout the day should have the

Why Staycation is Now a Popular Option for Professionals

Travels and vacations in other countries, particularly in the Caribbean, South East Asia and Europe are considered popular options among many passionate travelers. The fun combination of sea, sun and palm trees never fails to impress groups

Guide to Inexpensive Date Nights

Relationships and going out on a date are closely connected, that a person cannot think of one without thinking about the other. This connection between being in a relationship and going on a date is not totally

Food During Exercise and Outdoor Activities- Learn What to Eat

Food should not be sacrificed when doing exercises and other physical activities. Even if the intent is to take out the extra poundage or maintain the ideal weight, it is still important to pay attention to the

Get a Fitness Boost and Support by Exercising With a Friend

Exercise is required activity for everyone, thanks to its fat-fighting abilities and its ability to counter a number of lifestyle diseases like heart ailments and diabetes. According to WebMD, regular physical activities and exercise routines will not

How to Enjoy an Overnight Kayaking Trip with Friends

When it comes to a kayaking expedition, many individuals think of the outdoors, great river systems and a few hours worth of adventure. And the adventure often centers on the paddling activity and other side activities that

Gear Guide- What to Wear During Kayaking

Kayaking, just like other outdoor activities and sporting disciplines, require the use of the right clothing to meet specific weather conditions and environment. The right choice of clothing is not just for aesthetics; rather, the choice of

4 Kayaking Safety Reminders Every Beginner Should Know

Kayaking, especially sea kayaking, provides individuals the opportunity to explore nature and incorporate a number of recreational activities. When you plan out a sea kayaking adventure, you not are not only treated to the usual kayaking activities.

Kayaking Lessons for Kids and Other Members of the Family

Kayaking and boating are popular recreational activities that allow you to explore the wonders of nature and take part in other activities. With kayaking and boating, you get a chance to try fishing, swimming or simply discover

Tandem Kayaking- Learn How to Get the Best Out of this Activity

There are some recreational activities that are best done with a friend or a partner. Just take the case of boating and kayaking, examples of popular water-based recreational activities. Although paddling the kayak alone gives you a