Tandem Kayaking 1

Tandem Kayaking- Learn How to Get the Best Out of this Activity

There are some recreational activities that are best done with a friend or a partner. Just take the case of boating and kayaking, examples of popular water-based recreational activities. Although paddling the kayak alone gives you a moment to commune with nature and do self reflection, there’s no denying the fun and possible range of activities that can be done if you paddle with a friend. The great thing about tandem paddling is that it offers you an opportunity to enjoy the company of a friend or a family member. The time spent together on-board a tough kayak is more than enough to rekindle or build relationships. Paddling together with a friend is also a form of exercise, and once it’s done in sync with one another, the activity becomes an art in itself. To tandem with a friend is a great option, but don’t just paddle and enjoy the waters without keeping in mind a few tips and tricks.

Invest in a quality tandem kayak– Tandem kayaks on the market are configured to have two seats, thus will tend to be more expensive compared to the traditional kayak. But the extra amount you pay can help you explore more options, and allow a friend or family member to join you on a trip. Before you pick a tandem kayak, make sure to check out some of the available guides online that can help you simplify the shopping process. Pay attention to the kinds of materials used in manufacturing these tandem kayaks. Remember that the price, weight and durability of the tandem kayaks are influenced by the choice of materials.

Who sits where on your tandem kayak?– There are two available seats, and it’s best to plan out who will sit in front or at the back. The choice will always depend on experience and the size of the individuals. Traditionally, the smaller individual should occupy the front, since most of the commercial kayaks available are not designed to confidently carry the larger weight at its bow. The person’s experience in paddling should also influence your decision on who shall sit on either part of the kayak. Occupy the back seat if you are more experienced.

Launch the kayak the right way– There’s a correct way of launching a tandem kayak.  If you are about to launch the kayak, let the person in front jump in first, while the other person should push the kayak towards the water. The paddler in front should start the paddling motion.

Make it a point to synchronize the paddling motions-Because you are using a tandem kayak, then it’s best to practice synchronization. Synchronization means matching the paddling motion and strokes of the other person. Aside from timing, you also need to match the other paddler’s strength.

Keep these reminders in mind when you are planning to try a tandem kayak with a friend. Kayaking is best done with a partner, or with a group of friends. And it can be made more fun with a dependable tandem kayak to take you from one location to the next.