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4 Kayaking Safety Reminders Every Beginner Should Know

Kayaking, especially sea kayaking, provides individuals the opportunity to explore nature and incorporate a number of recreational activities. When you plan out a sea kayaking adventure, you not are not only treated to the usual kayaking activities. In a scheduled sea kayaking adventure, you are also given a chance to try out a number of other water-based activities like diving and fishing. If you happen to select a popular kayaking spot or an unspoiled area, your group can even explore unspoiled beaches, go sport fishing and even spend some hours camping on a deserted island. With a sea kayaking adventure, you get a chance to try and explore more activity options. The list of benefits and activities is long, but it also comes with certain risks. For example, if you don’t pay attention to the terrain, environment and weather, then a supposed fun activity can turn into a huge nightmare. Don’t let your planned sea kayaking adventure turn into a disaster, pay attention to four important safety reminders.

Bring noise-making equipment– When planning and packing for a kayaking adventure, many enthusiasts focus on a quality kayak, paddles and the right set of clothes that can be used for the weekend. Sure, these are important kayaking supplies, but you also need to throw in a few safety supplies. And when it comes to protecting your safety, you can’t go wrong with items that can create noises or can be used for communications. For example, you can bring a smart phone or a VHF radio. You can use the smart phone to contact friends in case of emergencies.

Be noticed when kayaking and exploring the waters– Safety also means making sure that you are easily identified even if you are hundreds of meters away from the shore. This is possible if you can use reflective tape or a bright-colored clothing. When exploring the outdoors, especially an unknown location, visibility is critical. If possible, look for a SOLAS-approved reflective tape which you can use on your paddle, your reliable kayak or even your helmet.

Be identified when kayaking– You should also bring an identification card complete with your name, address and other details if you are planning to spend time kayaking. Having an ID or any form of identification can help save lives during emergencies. Use a water-proof marker when writing your personal details so it will remain on the surface for a long period of time.

Know the area, and check everything before starting your adventure– it is also important that you are knowledgeable and informed if you want to be successful in your adventure. Being an informed and responsible enthusiast means checking if you have satisfied all the requirements when it comes to safe kayaking, like the use of a personal flotation device, the availability of communication equipment and understanding of the weather and the water conditions.

These safety reminders may require too much work and attention to details, but these are the requirements that can help you enjoy kayaking in a safe manner.