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Gear Guide- What to Wear During Kayaking

Kayaking, just like other outdoor activities and sporting disciplines, require the use of the right clothing to meet specific weather conditions and environment. The right choice of clothing is not just for aesthetics; rather, the choice of the right kayaking clothing should be based on comfort, convenience and function and should be able to promote a stress-free kayaking experience. So what are the best and most recommended kayaking clothes that can match up with your chosen Sun Dolphin Aruba kayak and other kayaking essentials?

Choose comfort and ergonomically-designed clothes

Kayaking and even boating requires the right selection of clothes that will not affect the movements, like paddling. Look for clothes that will allow you to make a range of movements when out in the waters. Aside from clothes that will allow you freedom of movement, you also need to shop for clothes that can block the wind and cold water. You will never know what will happen if you are out paddling in the water, and weather can change.

 If you want to be ready for the demands and the challenges of the environment, you need to find clothes that can help protect you from cold water and the win. For example, you should shop for trousers and paddle jackets that can help retain the core body heat, thus helping you prevent hypothermia. Paddling jackets are different from traditional outdoor jackets since these are designed primarily for kayaking and other outdoor and water-based activities.

Clothes best for cold air and water

There’s a big chance that you’ll face a kayaking environment with cold air and water. If you think that you will face this kayaking challenge, it’s best to prepare the right set of clothes. If the environment is known for low temperature and cold waters, keep in mind that there’s an increase risk for hypothermia. Hypothermia is common problem for many kayak enthusiasts, and there were reports about death due to this condition. Don’t get out of your inflatable kayak if you are not properly dressed for this type of kayaking environment.

Pay attention to the fabric used in making the clothes. Look for synthetic fabric like neoprene, fleece and polypropylene. Wool can also work for this kayaking environment, unfortunately clothes made from this material is slow to dry. If comfort and protection matter, stay away from kayak clothes made from cotton. If you want the ultimate protection for this environment, you should bring a dry suit. This is an expensive option, but this is a worthy investment if you are serious about kayaking. A dry suit will keep water out since this clothing features latex gaskets found at the neck, wrist and ankle.

Pay attention to these gear and clothing recommendations if you want to remain safe and protected during your kayaking adventure. The water is both a friend and an enemy during kayaking adventure. But you can easily handle the weather and cold water if you are dressed appropriately for your kayaking trip.