Overnight Kayaking

How to Enjoy an Overnight Kayaking Trip with Friends

When it comes to a kayaking expedition, many individuals think of the outdoors, great river systems and a few hours worth of adventure. And the adventure often centers on the paddling activity and other side activities that can be done once in the kayak like diving and swimming. Aside from these two popular activities, individuals who love to kayak can also try fishing. If the area is known for sport fishing, or the waters is teeming with fishes, then you can also try kayak fishing. This can prove successful if you have the right equipment like a tough baitcasting reel. These are the reasons why kayaking has become the go-to adventure option for many individuals who are looking for a loaded weekend adventure.

But there’s another side adventure that can be considered if you are a fan of kayaking. Did you know that you can also schedule a camping adventure with family members and friends? An overnight kayaking trip is a great option if you want to stay in the area for a long time, and you also want to spend more quality time with friends. To pull this off, you should cover the following requirements.

Prepare your tent– Of course, you can only pull off an overnight camping trip if you have a dependable tent. Just make sure that the tent will fit in the sea touring kayak. The tent should be able to accommodate all or if not, you can bring more tents to accommodate all members of your group. Don’t forget to bring your sleeping bags and other camp essentials that can keep you comfortable during the night.

Prepare your food provisions– When planning a camping trip, you should also consider the food provisions of the group. You can bring high-energy snacks and other canned goods that are easy to open and cook. The group should also bring stove and fuel, and some cook set and other utensils. If your team is adventurous enough, you can use the kayak, explore the river and water system and hunt for fresh fishes. If you will go fishing and hunt for your food in the camping site, then it will add a layer of fun and entertainment in your camping expedition.

 If you are going to cook fresh produce in the camping site, make sure you are aware of the limitations and rules in place. In some public parks and private reserves, certain rules are in place when it comes to campfires and other camping-related activities.

Don’t forget to bring clean, potable water– This is a basic necessity, but there are individuals and outdoor enthusiasts who still fail to bring potable water to the camping site. Always assume that the camping site has no potable or running water, so it’s based to prepare and bring a few bottles.

Consider these suggestions if your group is planning an overnight kayaking trip. If you check all these and include fun in your plan, then everyone will go home happy and satisfied.