Why Staycation is Now a Popular Option for Professionals

Travels and vacations in other countries, particularly in the Caribbean, South East Asia and Europe are considered popular options among many passionate travelers. The fun combination of sea, sun and palm trees never fails to impress groups of friends and busy professionals looking to rest and recharge their bodies. European destinations are also known for its rich culture and heritage, thus considered as favorite travel spots for individuals looking for cultural immersion and adventure. But this trend is starting to change, thanks to a redefinition of travel and recreation among tourists and travelers, regular travelers and tourists are looking for a ‘different travel destination– a stay-cation.

Stay-cation now popular in different countries, England included

Stay-cations are now considered popular options in different parts of the world, from Canada to England. In England alone, millions of people have recently decided to stay at home to explore what the region has to offer. According to a recent statistic, roughly 7 million people enjoyed their holidays in England for the first quarter of the year, which reflects a 10-percent increase. And according to one company that sells voucher codes , it is expected that this number of individuals who will stay at home for the holidays will increase by 2.5 million.

Stay-cations- What this means to tourists

Staycation is actually a combination of two words- stay and vacation. This is starting to become a great option for busy individuals and families when it comes to choosing a holiday destination and spending quality time. Under this holiday arrangement, families and groups will stay at home or book a hotel, and spend the holidays in these locations. Traditional, a stay-cation arrangement will allow the members of the group to spend the day at home or hotel, and make side trips to nearby locations to swim, hike or play.this vacation arrangement will also involve eating out. For some groups, staycations also mean preparing home cooked meals using a rice cooker to cook rice or pasta, or the use of immersion blenders to make sauces or fresh juices.The activities that can be enjoyed by individuals may vary, depending on the needs and requirements of the participants.

It is not just the activities that will vary; in staycations, the reasons and motivations may also vary. For example, the main reason why this activity has become popular is due to the slowdown of the economy. This is particularly true in the United States during 2007-10, at a time when the world suffered an economic slowdown. Due to the economic slowdown, many families and groups decided to stay at home, instead of risking their money abroad. For other families and groups, the choice to stay at home is defined by costs. For example, in the last few years, the average cost of a European holiday has been increasing, thus preventing many to splurge and visit their favorite European destinations.

The trend is to stay home and explore one’s own region is expected to remain, and many tourists will definitely follow suit. With an increase in travel costs and concerns with safety, staycations will definitely stay for a much longer period of time.