Main dish for kids

Healthy Meal and Snack Options for School Kids

School kids require a steady supply of nutrition to remain active throughout the day. What they need is not just food that can sustain them throughout the day; the food eaten throughout the day should have the right amount of vitamins and minerals to keep them sharp and mentally-alert to keep up with the lessons and school activities. This is the reason why families are advised to prepare healthy, and fruit and vegetables-based dishes and snack items. Unfortunately, for many families, preparing healthy food options with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits is next to impossible. And for some, this approach can be tiring and problematic, due to the nature of work and complexities of certain healthy recipes. But you don’t need to follow the lead of families facing problems when it comes to preparing food for school-age kids. If you just tap into your creativity and follow some recommended recipes, then you can pull off healthy meals for kids that are never boring.

Main dish for kids and teens

Sandwiches are classic kids and teen favorites when it comes to snack or for main dish. But stay away from fast-food choices when preparing their meals. Make sure you make your own, and focus on homemade healthy sandwiches that are made using whole wheat bread and lean meat. You can also pack the sandwiches with fresh greens that can add taste and nutrients, and skip the usual processed cheese and mayonnaise. Instead of the fatty mayonnaise, you may want to add goat cheese, or a healthier alternative called hummus. Hummus is great for kids too, and this can also supply their daily requirements for nutrients.

For teens, you need to be creative and add an extra touch to the usual sandwiches. Another trick is to use tortilla or whole wheat pita to pack all the healthy and lean meat ingredients. You can add a dash of freshness into the pita and tortilla by adding some shredded carrot and sliced cucumbers. It is also important that all the ingredients that you are using are fresh, and you can also use thermos if you want to keep some food items hot.

Don’t forget the sides when packing lunch

To complete the meal, you can pack in some vegetables and fruits. The presence of fruits and vegetables can help complete and round off the nutrition of your kids. Some of the best sides that you can add are baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and bell pepper strips. You can add an extra salsa or hummus to keep these fresh produce exciting and tasty. For fruits, stay away from the usual grapes and apples. Be creative by adding cubed mangoes, watermelons and extra strawberries.

The best snacks for kids are possible, provided you add a dash of creativity in the kitchen. Just like adults, your kids are also looking for creative,  tasty and refreshing dishes, so it’s best to take the extra mile in preparing their main dish and snack items that they can bring to school.