RFID Skimming: How to Avoid It

5The twenty-first century is known as the digital age. Since the beginning of this era, countless of inventions, discoveries and remarkable feat in various field of knowledge sprouted. One of the most recognized among these developments is the widespread use of digital technology such as computers, smartphones, androids and the presence of the internet. This technological advancement shaped the business and finance sphere. Credit cards became a must-have among people turning communities into a cashless society. Using credits has its benefits. You could access your money without hassle and you can get the cash you need 24/7.

Another product of technology is the creation of RFID. Latest credit cards, passports, and ID releases have a chip called RFID chips. The RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Devices. This chip embedded in your credit card and passport makes it easier to do transactions since the “reader” (the one who tries to access the information) can get the details he or she needs without presenting your card. However, despite the convenience and benefits of RFID in credit cards, this system makes you vulnerable to RFID skimming.

The RFID skimming is sort of a pickpocketing but instead the thief gets your money without you knowing, they can access your credit card by taking advantage of your RFID. Therefore, RFID skimming is a type of theft of funds as well as identifies theft if another person tries to use your confidential information to gain access to your money. They can get your card number, account number, cardholder name, the expiry date of the card and your funds easily.

How does it happen?

The purpose of RFID is to allow transactions to happen at any place and at any time. Thieves also do the same. They disguise themselves as the “reader” to get your information. Moreover, there are available RFID skimming apps on the net which anyone can download and install in smartphones. These apps allow a person to read RFID broadcasts at a maximum distance of 15 feet. With this, anyone within 15 feet away from you can access your personal data via using such application.

How to avoid RFID Skimming?

If your credit card has an RFID chip, you are vulnerable to this so-called digital pickpocketing and identity theft. The good thing is you can prevent this from happening to you if you use an RFID blocking wallet. RFID wallets are a special type of wallets designed to secure your credit card and money. It has a unique system which blocks readers to access information without your consent. Furthermore, it sends you a warning of another system try to enter your account. With this, you will know if you are being pickpocketed.

You can find several wallet brands with RFID blocking system in the market. However, not all of them offer strong security; thus, you have to be careful with your choice. Read product reviews first at trustedaccessories.com to learn about the leading RFID wallets. The Trusted Accessories is an informative website which supports men in looking for quality wallets. Visit their website for more info on the latest wallet brands.