Why You Should Have Your Own Zero Gravity Chair

4Zero gravity is when gravity is when the force of gravity does not affect the body at all; thus, allowing it to float on air. This is what you would be experiencing when you are in space where there is less or no gravity. During takeoffs, the body of the astronauts are in, what they call, zero gravity position in order to relieve the stress on their spine that could be caused by the sudden movement of the rocket. In this position, the body is reclined and the feet are elevated higher than the heart. More studies have shown that this position has a lot of benefits, too, aside from just helping astronauts to be safer during their trip to space. That is why a lot of companies have used this discovery in their chairs to promote better health for a lot of people. Though zero gravity chairs do not let you float like that of a real zero gravity space, it would help you get the perfect zero gravity position.


Here are the top benefits of the zero-gravity chair.


1. It eliminates the pressure on the spine and back


Usually, when we are sitting or standing up, the spine takes up most of the pressure of the body because it allows us to hold a certain position. On a chair where you can have a zero gravity position, the pressure would be distributed to different parts of the body, allowing the spine and back to rest.


2. It improves blood flow and oxygen distribution


When the body is in a horizontal position, the heart would be able to work more efficiently. It would pump blood with ease and distribute the needed blood and oxygen even to the tip of the toes and fingers. The strain on the heart would be reduced. Good circulation would help in improving the overall health.


3. It enlarges the capacity of the lungs


The lungs expand when the body is reclined. This is because the pressure on the diaphragm is decreased. The blood would be able to receive an adequate supply of oxygen because the lungs are working at their full capacity.


4. It reduces stress and enhances relaxation


The relaxation that zero gravity chairs provide makes you get rid of the stress that your busy schedule gives you. Most of these chairs also have massage features that would ease the tension in different parts of your body.


5. It promotes better posture


Whether you use the chair at home or at work, it can offer you the benefit of fixing your bad posture. If your work requires you to sit in front of your computer for long periods of time, you might want to invest in a zero gravity chair. The contour of the backrest of the chair allows your back to hold a certain position that would help your posture without straining your spine. You can click here to learn more about zero gravity chairs and their benefits. The site also provides an honest review of the best zero-gravity chairs or recliners out in the market.