Concerns About Using Coupons and Why They Don’t Really Matter Much



For the longest time, companies have been using coupons to reach out to their customers and build loyalty. It’s a supposed win-win situation that helps the business retain its loyal customers and add new ones into the mix. The obvious benefit to the customer is the fact that they are able to avail of discounts on their purchases. However, it’s not a perfect system and there are some disadvantages that prevent some people from actually using them even when the opportunity presents itself. Here are some of the most notable concerns that prevent people from taking advantage of a coupon’s price slash.

  1. It’s embarrassing to present them at the checkout.

While this may be a petty concern, there’s absolutely no doubt that it’s something that prevents people from opting in for discounts. It’s sad that worrying about other people’s impressions can be so compelling that it prevents people to think and act rationally. Interestingly enough, people are quick to use digital coupons when buying online. It’s definitely a reflection as to how people are so concerned about the stigma surrounding coupons and their “cheapness”.

  1. Cutting coupons take time.

One can argue that cutting coupons don’t have to be precise because doing so is time-consuming. However, even cutting them carelessly takes a considerable amount of time especially if it’s from pages of a magazine that’s specifically allocated for discount coupons. Again, with the availability of digital versions of discount coupons as well as the prevalence of online purchasing, this is no longer that big of an issue. All it takes is copying the code and pasting it upon checkout. But for practicality’s sake, time spent cutting on a coupon is relative. Cutting out one for a 20% discount on an expensive item is definitely worth the half-minute cutting for sure.

  1. Consumers are driven to a corner in terms of what to buy.

People who have embraced the use of coupons might find themselves designing a shopping list to accommodate whatever coupon they have available. This is actually problematic considering that their choice is limited to whichever has a price cut. The key to avoiding this shopping list limitation is by having the sensibility to discern which products are worth buying with or without coupons. The discount coupons must come in second in terms of priority when designing a shopping list.

  1. It’s difficult to find a lot of coupons.

To a considerable extent, this is actually a real concern among people who have been cutting coupons for years. The primary reason for this is the fact that there are fewer businesses that are into printed media these days. Magazines and news outlets are shifting over to the digital platform, which limits the number of coupons that one can find and cut-out. The good news is that buyers can find real Flipkart discount codes for 2018 and other digital coupons on the web. Everyone has to adapt to the digital revolution, coupon users included. Besides, plenty of online stores can offer more flexibility than the local grocery.