Crucial Things You Should Know About Growing Weed

4When you are growing weed indoors, you should know the following to get the best results.

  1. Light is the most important factor in growing weed.

Most plants need light for them to be able to successfully go through the photosynthesis process. The cannabis plant is not an exception. It needs as much light as it can get. The more light you give it; the better it grows and develops Outdoors, the plant can be able to get a full spectrum of light from the sun. However, when you’re growing it indoors, you would need to have a light set-up that would give the amount and spectrum it needs in every stage. Check out this website to learn more about the different lights you can use for your weed.

  1. Cannabis comes in different strains.

As of now, there are about 779 different strains of marijuana that are listed. Many make the common mistake of not knowing which strain of marijuana they are actually growing. They would usually get some mystery seeds, guessing wildly on how they would grow them. “What’s the difference?”, some may ask, a lot, actually. One strain may need more light than the others. Another might be ready to harvest earlier compared to most strains. In short, you would need to know exactly what strain of weed you are growing for you to be able to know exactly what to do to grow them and yield the best results.

  1. Your grow room or space needs proper ventilation.

One of the main problems of growing weed indoors is the numerous ailments the plant could get because of lack of ventilation or airflow. Molds and rots easily grow and spread in stagnant, hot air. Some bugs like gnats and mites would also thrive on your plants if you do not maintain the desired temperature and allow the plants to breathe fresh air. You should invest in exhausts and good ventilation to keep the air flowing. Some light might also produce excess heat and would burn your plants. Be sure to have fans to regulate the temperature in the room.

  1. Weeds get hungry.

Fertilizers are also needed to make your weed grow faster. There are different kinds of fertilizers full of all the nutrients your marijuana plants need in the market these days. You could use any of them as long as you know how and when to give them the right amount. One thing you need to know when it comes to giving fertilizers to your weed is that you should not put the fertilizers directly if they are undiluted. And only start giving it when it’s already about two weeks old. Putting too much would kill your weeds as fast as if you do not give them fertilizers at all.

  1. Weeds get thirsty, too.

When the plants are still young, you would only need to water them once a week. But, when they start to mature, you might need to water them every day. Just do not over water the plants as they would die if you do. Some types of water might be bad for your plants, too. You would need to filter your water before giving it to your plants to prevent other unwanted minerals to affect the growing process.