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Guide To Motorcycle Helmets With Speakers

Whether you are listening to radio or jamming to your favorite MP3 playlist, today motorcycle helmets have evolved for the better and impressively with speaker technology. The purpose of all this is to allow you to communicate and ride safer while listening to music. Today, people love to connect with one another, and with so many helmets that feature speakers it can be a little challenging finding the right one for you. We will make it easier for you by showing you a guide to motorcycle helmet speakers.

motorcycle helmet


Why Get A Helmet With Speakers?

There are many advantages to having a motorcycle helmet with speakers inside. One, you don’t have to stop every so often to safely make a phone call. The speaker inside usually features a voice command or one touch option, that will allow you to speak with fellow riders or family as you voyage. On top of that is the ability to utilize the GPS feature, which will assist you turn to turn to make your travels easier and safer.

Wired Or Wireless?

Some may say that going wireless is much better because it gives you much more comfort. It’s a hands free experience, truly. The drawbacks of wireless are usually in price and the fact that you need to continually charge your battery. This can be problematic if you have to consistently ride. Wired speakers give you a much more longer life than that of wireless. The other dynamics are the costs being cheapers and usually feature better sound performance. However, some bikers don’t like the idea of tangling wires in the back or side helmet, which can be inconvenient.

What To Consider Before You Buy

In order to find the perfect motorcycle helmet with speakers, you should put a few things into consideration before doing so.


You will be able to find weather resistant speaker helmets if you look for them. They usually cost more, but you get a much longer shelf life to your speaker and helmet. Weatherproof and waterproof helmets are great for many reasons, but they can also help keep your helmet from becoming saturated with sweat.

Battery Life:

Finding the right battery power is crucial as well. Traditionally, polymer lithium batteries are much longer lasting and take less time charging. On certain helmets, with these types of batteries, you can ideally enjoy a standby of 9 hours from one charge.


If you are going to spend good money and make the investment, it should be worth it. If the speaker helmets aren’t easy to control while you ride, then the purpose is defeated. Look for a helmet that is either one touch or tap, or gives you a voice command option.

Sound Control:

While we are on the topic of convenience, being able to enjoy your music without taking both hands off your handle-bars is essential. Can your new speaker helmet withstand higher speeds without cracking or fading out?

You should also be able to communicate or connect with other networks without compromising the integrity of your speaker system.


This is a big one. The recommendation is to look for a brand or company, that offers the consumer a warranty on defects. Most motorcycle helmets with speakers will have a 2 year warranty and at the least a 12 month warranty.

Recommended Wireless: Ideapro Waterproof Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet actually has dual sport purposes, you can use it on your motorcycle or a scooter. As listed above, you want something waterproof, and with the Ideapro you get just that with this helmet. It carries amazing range, so you don’t have to worry about fading at shorter distances with its 1200 meter range. It has a Bluetooth interphone kit that is included with the helmet, and it can be used as mentioned on bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles and even skis.

Talk to Siri and works with any mobile Bluetooth unit

DSP provides protection against wind noise.

Easy to sync up to Youtube and carries a quality of sound.


User manual has been found to be confusing.

It’s a bit expensive.

Recommended Wired: Outdoor Tech OTOO42

If you need something that can be compatible with many other devices, this is your helmet speaker. This can linked up with any of them because it’s universally compatible. You can control the volume, the track to play or pause, or make calls with its two button interface. Enjoy the 40mm drivers that give an unbelievable quality of volume that has been described as an “ear blaster.” When you are riding at high speeds, you will understand why that is appreciated. The sound quality is clean and clear and you can work this speaker unit with other helmets like Pro Tec, Bolle, Smith and many others. One last thing about his helmet speaker is what it was designed for and as. This speaker helmet can withstand temperatures as much as -20 below celsius.

Final Words

Regardless if you choose to go with a pre-installed or freestanding helmet speaker system, it’s always a good idea. Buying a helmet with a speaker keeps your eyes where it should be at all time, which is on the road.

The idea of a helmet is to keep you safe, and with the world shifting to always being next to their phones ,that can be a pointless endeavor if manufacturers don’t keep up with the times. That’s not the case anymore.

More and more companies are exploring ways to make you much safer, and your riding experience much more convenient while enjoying each mile you take on your motorcycle.