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How to close an ironing board

Taking care of your laundry is a multifaceted procedure which requires various items. One of these top items is an iron board which is designed to make it easy to straighten your linen. That said, most owners are often not aware of the functionalities of these things, and they often leave them up for weeks at a time. Before you close your iron board, you need to evaluate all of its main components. In this way, you can be able to identify them easily during the setup and storage process. The process of closing an iron board is very simple and straightforward. You can also click here to find out more. You don’t need any unique experience or technical skills before you can use an iron board. It’s important to note that different iron board brands are available with as many different features. However, closing these things often involves a similar process.


While learning to use set up and store an iron board is essential, not many people have sufficient insight to achieve this goal. Therefore, here are some top tips for how to close an ironing board to achieve the best results:

Step 1

Ensure that you remove any items that might sit on the ironboard. It does not matter whether it’s a cloth or the iron box, ensure the surface is clear. Also, you may also want to evaluate all the components of the board for functionality. Some boards are sometimes damaged, and this can easily compromise the retraction process. This makes it easy to prepare the board for the retraction procedure.

Step 2

During this step, you have to prepare the board for the entire retraction process. Place the iron board on its end with the feet facing up in the air. Most boards are often compact, and you hardly require additional help to place it on the ground. Ensure that the ironing surface is on the floor. This position is ideal since it makes it simple to trigger the retracting mechanism of the board.

Step 3

Now, you have to locate the retracting mechanism of your board. In most cases, these boards come with special locking mechanisms that help to maintain the security of the board. You will come across a unique mechanism, usually a lever that is trigged to release the locking mechanism.

Step 4

Once you have released the locking mechanism, you can then proceed to join both the feet of your iron board to the board itself. All you need to do is to press on both ends of the feet gently, and they will gently collapse towards the board. Once the feet sit on the surface of the board, you can easily store it for your next batch of laundry


In considering all critical factors, taking good care of your laundry regime is very important. This is why you should be get informed with this tips for how to close an ironing board. Storing your laundry resources correctly is a good habit that has its inherent benefits