The Maxi Dress

You Can Totally Wear The Maxi Dress At Work

Throughout time people will always tell you that you can’t do this and you can’t do that. And if we listened to everything we were told that we can’t do, then we wouldn’t have the advancements and luxuries that we enjoy today.

What if Philo Farnsworth didn’t go through with his idea, because someone told him he couldn’t ever create images on a tube? We wouldn’t have television.

And what if Antonio Meucci was told to stop chasing his dream of creating an easier way to communicate than long horse rides with a message on paper? We wouldn’t have telephones.

Which brings us to fashion etiquette and whether or not it is appropriate for one to wear a Maxi dress to work? We say yes, and here’s how you’re going to pull it off.


What Is The Maxi Dress?

The reason so many people say that it’s not appropriate for a business environment is because a Maxi dress is made to be casual. A Maxi dress runs floor or ankle length, and is form fitting at the top while loose at the bottom.

Wearing A Maxi Dress To Work

First and foremost, this is totally possible if you avoid wearing strapless or spaghetti strapped Maxi dresses. The idea is to cover more skin than to reveal. This isn’t your night out at the movies or a stroll on the beach.

So what do you wear with the Maxi dress to make it more suiting for work? A few ideas….

A Blouse

You can always cover the arms up with a blouse. Let’s say if you are wearing a long Maxi wrap dress, that is one solid color like white. Then picking out a blouse in black would make contrasting sense. If your Maxi wrap dress was black, you could pop a little more brightness with the blouse.

Leather Jacket

It’s the same concept as above, you will want to play with contrast. With the blouse, you can actually add a belt and you still can with leather jacket, but you won’t want to zip it. If you add a belt it should go over the Maxi dress where it’ll be revealed. A leather jacket gives you more of a sharp look which can bode well in a meeting.

A Blazer

By now you’re getting the theme here. With Maxi dresses, you have more liberty playing with color combinations than you do with particular designs or cuts. A blazer can have a belt around it, a couple of inches below your bust line.

Flats, Sandals Or Block Heel Shoes

You can play up top with necklaces and earrings but on the bottom you’ll want to keep it conservative. Throwing on a pair of taupe sandals or black block heel shoes really exudes a professional look.

The Verdict

The Maxi dress is really comfortable and relaxing. While it’s predominantly worn for casual situations–there’s really no reasonable reason why you can’t wear it for business. If you wear it right, and follow through with a few of the suggestions above–you’ll be turning heads appropriately the next time you step into the office.