Tips on How to Effectively Use Your Deer Feeder

1Deer feeders are a great help when it comes to hunting. Whether you are hunting for a whitetail or a mule, you can catch your target with the help of deer feeders. Albeit using deer feeders is an excellent technique for hunting, it can fail due to specific reasons that are listed below.

  • Placing deer feeders on wrong locations.
  • Using the wrong the food to feed the deer.
  • Choosing the wrong time to hunt.

Using deer feeders is a little tricky for beginners. However, once you get the hang of it, you can take advantage the awesome benefits of using deer feeders in your hunting escapade. As a guide for hunters that are new to deer feeders, here is are some tips to help you use this tool effectively.

  1. Pick a Location to Set-up

The most important trick in using your deer feeder is to choose the right location where to place the device. The best place to set up a deer feeder is an open field that is far from home yet you can still see it from your location. Do not place a deer feeder where visitors usually hang around. Deer can get aggressive especially if they feel threatened. Thus, you have to place it in a place where rarely people go to prevent accidents.

  1. Choose a Food that a Deer Can’t Resist

Deer are easily attracted to the food they love to eat. Deer prefer to eat various types of grains and dried corns. You can also feed them with deer pellets which you can buy at a local store near you. Deer pellets can be a bit expensive. Thus, if you are on a budget, you can feed them with corns since it is cheaper, yet it spoils faster compared to deer pellets which can last for a few weeks.

  1. Feed at the Right Time

Another key to effectively use your deer feeder is to deploy it at an appropriate time. Some deer hunters and growers prefer to feed during fall and winter season whereas others do feeding all year round. Though feeding around this time is good to keep deer from coming to your field, yet, experts suggest starting feeding in cooler months. On this season, the deer have limited sources of food. Thus, feeding them at this time will help to keep the deer from coming back instead of wandering in other areas.

  1. Constantly Check the Power of a Battery Operated Deer Feeder

Nowadays, you can find battery-powered deer feeder. This type of deer feeder has an automatic food dispenser which allows deer to eat anytime they want. However, if you have this kind of deer feeder makes sure to check its power level so the dispenser can keep supplying food. You do not have to spend a lot of money to get a deer feeder. You can follow this simple homemade deer feeder plans from Feed that Game. The Feed that Game provides a detailed guideline on how to make DIY deer feeders. Check out their website for details on building deer feeders.