Triathlete Aerobar Buying Guide

3Aerobars are making a name in the field of triathlon because of the promise that they can help improve a biker’s aerodynamics. That is because they position the biker’s body at an angle wherein he or she can move freely and rotate the bike comfortably. With so many benefits that bikers can get, more companies are producing their own variety of models.

Although having a wide selection of aerobars is advantageous, such also has a drawback, especially for people who will be scouting and buying the product for the first time. Such can be an overwhelming experience for them that they may end up buying the wrong model. Hence, this article will be giving some factors that people should look at when choosing aerobars.

Construction and Design

More often than not, the way the aerobars have been constructed and designed will affect the quality of the product. One thing that people should look at is if the product has an adjustable design. Parts that need to be adjustable include handlebar extension itself. As such, the user will be able to position the shifters and pads in a way that the hands and forearms are resting comfortably and firmly.

The pads intended for the forearms are also parts that perform better if their rotations can be adjusted. Some models have adjustable widths and heights to accommodate the user’s shoulder width and arm length without changing the wrists’ angles. With that being said, it is better to choose the ones that have risor kits–the ones that can raise the handlebar and padding at the same time.

Padding Quality

Although according to some aerobar reviews and advice, aerobars that provide high levels of comfort are not necessarily high quality, the thickness of the padding is still always a good thing to consider. That is because the forearms will be resting on it for a long time and friction may cause bruises. Thus, having thick paddings can provide enough support and comfort.

Experts also say that it is better to choose the aerobars that have wide paddings to ensure that weight of the upper body is distributed appropriately. As such, the user will have more room for movements.

Extension Bar Weight and Size

The size of the aerobar is also very important since this will determine if it can fit the original handlebar of the bike or not. Obviously, a loose-fitting aerobar will be dangerous while a tight-fitting one will be useless. In addition, the weight of the aerobar can affect the performance of the rider. Higher weight aerobars will be harder to navigate than lighter ones.

With regards to such, models made using carbon fiber materials are recommended. Although they are quite expensive, they also help prevent the occurrence of vibrations during rides.

Final Conclusion

Buying aerobars is not as easy as it seems because of the wide plethora of models and brands. The best technique is to find one that fits the bicycle well and provides enough comfort without compromising performance. It is also worthy to consider aerobars that have been made by companies that have been in the bicycle industry for years.